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Until Every Child is Free From Trafficking

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Thank you for making the work of Araminta possible through your generous giving.

Your financial gift enables us to:

  • Provide mentors and advocates for survivors and youth at-risk for child sex trafficking
  • Awaken individuals in professional, school, and community settings through Prevention and Intervention Education
  • Provide tangible needs for local survivors
  • Equip churches and community groups in Maryland to work together to dismantle child sex trafficking
  • Mobilize over 200 active volunteers through 14 different programs to further our initiatives

Prefer to send a check?
Please make payable to: Araminta Freedom Initiative

Send to:
PO Box 22106
Baltimore, MD 21203

Araminta Freedom Initiative is a 501(c)3 organization, contributions to which are eligible for tax deductible treatment for federal and state income tax purposes. Contributions are designated to the overall mission of Araminta and will be used to meet the most urgent need, unless otherwise specified. You may request a fair and full description of the mission and activities of the organization, as well as a copy of our financial statements by contacting: Araminta Freedom Initiative, PO Box 22106 Baltimore, MD 21203 or contact@aramintafreedom.org.